Why “Cocoon”?

Built in 1880 and operated as a Silk Mill until 1956, the Hawley Silk Mill is still the largest laid bluestone building in the world. Recently refurbished, the mill has a rich history as an economic resource to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Region.

Nestled in front of the massive structure sits an adorable little building that once sheltered the cocoons that supplied the silk. In fact, in 1894, it held $175,000 worth of cocoons (more than the value of the entire mill)! Today, it is the home of the coffee house, which proudly carries on the legacy in its name.

Fresh & Affordable Food

Cocoon Coffee House specializes in affordable “every day” food, such as quiches, salads, hearty soups and panini sandwiches. Made with care from local farm ingredients, our menu changes each day to take advantage of the best that is fresh and seasonal.

Order in and “cocoon” in our cozy environment. Or, order “to go” and enjoy at home. Scan today’s menu below. Click here for our extensive coffee and beverage menu.

Today’s Menu

Served All Day

Sunday November 23rd


      • 1.75

      2 slices of Marcia’s Handmade Toast

        • 4.25

        Breakfast Burrito

          • 4.25

          Farm Fresh Egg, Bacon & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

            • .75

            Farm Fresh Hard Boiled Egg

              • 1.75

              with toast

                • 3.50

                Granola w/ Cold or Steamed Milk

                • Our Own Fresh Selection of Pastries & Sweets

                    • 1.89

                    Cranberry orange , scones

                      • 2.83

                      Muffins: ,cappuccino,blueberry ,double chocolate, pumpkin,

                        • 2.50

                        Apple Warbride Cake

                          • 1.75


                            • 3.00

                            Apricot Rugelach

                              • cinnamon roll with icing


                                  • 1.50


                                        • 2.00

                                        Chocolate Croissants

                                          • 1.75

                                          Lemon Bars

                                            • 2.50

                                            Crumb Cake plain,, or pumpkin

                                              • .60

                                              Cookies:Oatmeal Raisin chocolate chip snickerdoodle, m and m, orchunky chocolate mint chip

                                              • 4.50


                                                Sandwiches: - Served with Chips

                                                  • 6.50

                                                  Turkey club

                                                    • 7.25


                                                      • 4.95

                                                      Grilled Cheese On Bird Seed Or White Bread

                                                      • Sides & Salads

                                                          • 6.95

                                                          Caeser Salad or cobb salad

                                                            • 5.75

                                                            Buffalo Chicken side snack

                                                            • 3.50

                                                            Save Your Life Grain Salad

                                                              • 4.25

                                                              Save Your Soul Mac n Cheese

                                                                • 3.50

                                                                Save Your Life Fruit Salad

                                                                add on Granola $.50

                                                                • Soup of the day